An Awakening

I am currently experiencing a bit of an awakening. I think I am just realizing that I love learning. 

Maybe this is a bad thing to admit to after having been a teacher for five years. All teachers are supposed to love learning, right? 

Growing up I wasn’t much of a reader (Harry Potter not withstanding). I pretty much never faithfully read assigned novels or textbooks, but I made it through ok. I was so focused on sports and friends in high school and a certain girl, now my beautiful wife, in college that I was never fully awake in class. I had some really good teachers, teachers that cared. It’s just that things rarely nudged me enough to want to devour the information presented to me. I was too distracted to realize all the great things there were to learn.

Now I find myself endlessly devouring the information I am bombarded with every day that I am interested in. I feel addicted to my phone, but maybe it’s the information I am addicted to coming to my Feedly app. I have just started my new job and I have learned so much, but I want to know more. How can I work with teachers to innovate? How do we get high schoolers excited about technology that’s not new to them at all? How do you help 2nd graders understand Google Drive? 

It is pretty clear to me that this love of learning I have awakened to is the direct result of my life taking a direct turn toward my interests. I am directly involved with two of my passions, education and technology, and it has made me hungry for more information to guide our innovation. 

So I currently believe that is our task as teachers. Stoke their curiosity, make them yearn for more. Provide opportunity after opportunity for them to experience new things that may interest them. Then really, truly, use their interests to guide their education. And shift your focus from YOUR teaching, to THEIR learning.


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